Private Lessons


Why take a private lesson?

Private lessons help you gain better technique and skills tailored to your specific game.

"I think I'll just do privates instead of group tennis..."

Think again. Unless you plan to just play against yourself and a wall forever, you are missing the biggest component of tennis development--the group structure and competition that cannot be replaced by one-on-one lessons.

This is especially important for younger players who need group structure to reinforce a complete development path.

How often should I take privates?

This depends on your goals. We recommend that you speak with your group pro to set up a lesson. If you are not currently in group, speak with either the Adult Director or Junior Director to see what you should do.

How much are private lessons?

Private lessons range from $50-$60 for one-on-one, and semi-private lessons are on a sliding-scale cost. Please contact the front desk for specifics.